Technical Ensemble Canon for Cloned Voice after Diana Deutsch Formation V The Program II
Displacement Foldings Void 2 The Program Contingent Matter
Structure of Behaviors Linear Decomposition Radiant Void RGB
Gradient Waveguide Atmosphere The Conditions of the Process Temporal Object #1
Temporal Object #2 Pulsar Conflux Structural Variance Amorphouss
The Blackest Flux        



Dimension Varies

Dodecahedron Speaker, Laser Units, Custom Electric Circuit, Aluminium

Pulsar is an experiential spatio-temporal sculpture. By incorporating the intense lights and a pitch-black space, an existing architectural space disappears and an abstract space emerges. Spectators experience disorientation that allows them to deconstruct and redefine their individual perceptual spaces.

There are 92 custom laser units with microphones on the aluminum geodesic shell. The sound from the dodecahedron speaker is synthesized by chaos functions, which dynamically shift between stasis and dynamics. By using the microphones as sensor inputs, the sound pressure level of the dodecahedron speaker controls the intensity of the lasers. With complex phase interferences around the speaker, the laser rays produce another layer of patterns. This environment consists of multiple layers of interfered strata of light and sound.

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